Writing101 Challenge – The Letter


Should I open this envelope with no name on it? Cause my address is here… Maybe I can find a clue inside about who it is addressed to. Let’s see.

Hopefully it’s the right time now… I’m glad you’re fine and everything is settled now in your life cause, as you know, things aren’t too good here… Congrats for everything that you’ve done – see, it wasn’t as hard as I’ve imagined, right?!! It was good that you kept going without looking back. I’m as proud of you as you are of me.

And I remember… The point of the pen touching the paper, the intense feeling of wanting to believe in those words when the second exclamation mark was brutally added… A sigh of sadness but, above all, hope.

I skip the rest of the message. I know it’s not for me, I know who it is for. I know the last line says

You from the past

and I remember my voice… “Could you send this at this address, on this date please?”

I seal the envelope back and put it somewhere safe. I know it will stay there until the rightful owner is ready for it. Cause it’s not for me. It’s for a future me. I can’t read the dialogue between me from the past and me from the future. Because I’m living in another dimension, in the wrong moment, in the present. I’ll just wait here…



10 thoughts on “Writing101 Challenge – The Letter

  1. I like the somewhat Sci-Fi feel of this post.
    I’ve always been a fan of time travel, so it speaks to me on that level, whether that’s the intention or not. You do an excellent job of showing the trepidation of the narrator, while also showing the curiosity that’s there. The decision not to continue reading on caught me off guard at first, but that was quickly rectified in the explanation behind it.
    You might want to correct a couple punctuation issues along the way, otherwise, grammar and spelling were good. It has a nice pace, is easily read and well constructed.
    Good job!

  2. this is nice..it’s like a “letter later”, you send one to yourself, post-dated. I haven’t thought of writing one for myself, but if I do, I’m not sure what to tell. Maybe it would be like talking to another person, another character of yourself. Because they say people change, so perhaps, when I’d get to write one letter for my future self, I’d feel awkward talking to ‘her’ 😀

    • Indeed people change 🙂 but this may be the interesting point, to see how you change the way you think and see the world in time, to see how experiences change you… It is a little awkward indeed 😀 you should try though, it will be a nice surprise for the future you!

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