Why Writing?


A couple days ago I found out about an opportunity to receive a scholarship for my studies. As I was eligible, my enthusiasm was pretty high until I saw the application form – all of them referring to why I chose this domain (computer science) and why others should persuade such a career. And I stopped. ‘If only they asked about writing’, I thought. But oh well, what if someone does ask about the reason behind writing? Why do I write? Why do I have a blog? Why should someone else start doing the same?

I realised this isn’t too easy either. I explained some ideas in my previous posts, my first one and the one about writing. But another short post can’t do any harm. I write because I enjoy writing. I honestly like it. No one forces me to, no one pays me to do it, no one gives me a prize for any post I publish here or somewhere else. It’s only me with myself, plus those of you who read this and make me realise my writing isn’t in vane (or is it?).

Usually I write because I have something to say. Some ideas, some thoughts, something unimportant and common, something unique. It can be anything, really. Anything I consider it’s worth sharing. And I would share it verbally as well, if only I could find someone who’s actually listening. ‘Cause that’s another reason for writing: no one’s listening, or if they are, they don’t understand completely. Perhaps they’re listening just in order to please you, or out of respect, or they’re just bored, or perhaps they are indeed listening but they’re not responding the way you wish someone, anyone, would respond. Perhaps they find what you’re saying too boring, perhaps you talk too fast for the others to keep up, perhaps they have their own ideas and are too busy to listen to your thoughts. And that’s ok.

I recently discovered something I knew already, but I had forgotten. That is, that everyone has a story. You just need to learn how to listen to it, how to approach that person who you thought you could never learn how to interact with. And honestly, I was surprised. I realised you can’t blame others for not listening to you if you are not listening to them either. Everyone has something to discuss with you, if you give them the chance. And who knows, perhaps by listening to them, you’ll find someone capable of listening to you as well. Until then, just write.

Write to prove yourself what you’re capable of. Write to give yourself a sense of listening, write to clear your thoughts and order your ideas. Write for yourself, write for others, write anything as long as you enjoy it. And there’s always the problem of having too little time, of course. But not even that has stopped me from deciding to participate in a writing competition at the university (details soon – if I ever finish the story). Cause I enjoy it more that anything.

Now all I have to do is rewrite this from the perspective of a computer scientist instead of a writer. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?.. What am I after all?


4 thoughts on “Why Writing?

  1. LM says:

    Computer science… I dont really even know what that means but writing about what I think it means:
    Improving someones way of life. Nothing worse than a poorly designed website (you know those top 10 articles that make you click through 10 different pages). Programming something to complete a task in 5 minutes opposed to 5 days. There’s never one right way to do things but always room to improve. You can teach someone how to program but you can’t teach them how to think outside the box(kind of like writing no?) which is essential to a great programmer. Computers are (and have been) the future. You can kind of say, the people who control them also controls the future. Smartphones… can you imagine life without them now? (yes, what a wonderful world it would be. People actually talking to each other again)
    I’m obviously no writer though.

    • Thanks for the comment! Indeed programming and writing do have the ‘think outside the box’ in common, and I like the idea that those who control computers are somehow in control of the future. Actually this resembles to the ideas I’m using in my essay for the writing competition 🙂 and you can become a writer by writing, cause from your comment I can see that you do have interesting ideas that may be worth writing down and sharing with others. Just give it a go! I’m no writer either though, at least not a proper one, why I’ll continue with the blog and contests until I become one!

  2. I love this. I write because I love it and it releases my thoughts and feelings. My words and speech often fall short but for some reason I can always express myself with a pen and paper.

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