The Battle Inside ~Old Draft~


Hey, how do you feel today?

Well, what do you think? We both know we’re not going anywhere with this…

I know you have the impression that you love him. But really, do you?… How can you be sure?

I just feel it… Really hard. I can’t even explain it to someone else… It’s like – a short break, no longer than a heartbeat – I melt when I see him, when he looks at me.

A sigh. It’s not the right thing, you know? He’s leaving in a month, and it looks like there’s no chance of coming back… What are we going to do then?

We? Well, I don’t care about you. I’ll be happy. He just completes me, I feel it.

But he’s not the right one… He can’t be. Remember all he’s done to you in the past-

It’s your job to remember, mine is to feel, to feel the feelings I’ve been dreaming of- you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll get smashed. Broken into pieces. It will be hard to find someone else to put you back together. You’ll regret it.

I take that risk. And please stop thinking that much…

Well, still, are you sure? Believe me, you don’t deserve him-

But I know he loves me-

However, if you get hurt-

At least it will be a lesson learned, that will never be repeated-

You know you always say that!

Silence. A heartbeat, then another.

A sigh. I don’t agree with you, but fine, we’ll do as you say. And you’re the stupid one here, believe me. Now lead the way, please.

And I followed my heart. Should I have listened to my mind instead?

[11.06.2014 – written for the Writing 101 Challenge, Dialogue between Different Perspectives]


2 thoughts on “The Battle Inside ~Old Draft~

  1. trainingdrops says:

    I believe there will come that time when both will agree but usually that time comes after several learned lessons which mean pain and time.I would consider my own rules and I would ask myself: Is this what I deserve? Is this what I need? And probably they both will agree somehow. If you ignore the answers to these questions you just compromise yourself and you eventually have to assume whatever comes after. It is all about how much you love yourself.

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