You may find here the following posts:

13.05.14 My first post – including colours, rain and feelings.
14.05.14 Stop Overthinking, Daydream Instead – one could easily think too much about future and goals… but is it worth it?
16.05.14 Ready. Choose. Go! – about choices, who’s responsible for them and who should be.
20.05.14 “I’m mature” vs “immature” – not everyone knows the difference… And especially not Peter Pan.
24.05.14 The Key to Immortality – about how to make others feel immortal.

01.06.14 “I want to be a writer. What shall I do?” – possible answers to this question, and why I’ve asked myself this.
07.06.14 The Letter – random letter that somehow affected me.
11.06.14 Person(alities) – I’ve met different personalities which had much more in common than I first thought.
30.06.14 Hug me tight before you go… Summertime sadness – sadness, hugs, papoi and sadness again.
06.07.14 It’s Always Tomorrow – ‘tomorrow’ is not ‘always’, so it is for ever there?
14.07.14 Come On, Don’t Be Shy – or else you could lose more chances than you’ve imagined.
19.07.14 The Betrayal of the Body – learning that the body can sometimes betray your mind…
27.07.14 Voice Without a Face – even these kind of voices do matter!
15.08.14 Facebook Popularity – about why we shouldn’t try to be popular on social networks
25.08.14 A Mate for Your Soul – no one knows who’s meant for you; does such thing even exist?
03.09.14 Living Amongst Past Memories – until you realise how much time you’ve lost there

09.09.14 The Book, the Bucket and the Challenge – it’s actually the way I perceive #theBookBucketChallenge
19.10.14 Why Writing? – strangely, an opportunity for a computer science scholarship made me ask myself this

04.01.15 Boy Space Friends – those males that have gained the ‘Friend’ award
23.01.15 The Power of Music(ians) – have you ever noticed the street musicians?
13.02.15 1/2 a<3 (A Valentine’s Day Short Story) – even half a heart is better than none, right?

02.04.15 The Pursuit of… – viewing happiness as a need, not as an option
13.06.15 This is Not About Crushes – I could be wrong, though
17.08.15 The Versions of Me, of You, of Us – of everything we were, are and will be
05.10.15 Violet, Horseradish, P.S.-s – little article created at Arvon writing workshop
14.10.15 Endless Seconds Between Us – eventually, I got published through Arvon with this fictional dialogue
27.10.15 A Stranger and Depression – time heals everything, but it needs help

09.01.16 New Year, just me – great start of a new year, or not?
28.02.16 The Battle Inside – it can be hard to choose between head and heart…
15.03.16 Searching for My Other Half – read my first story written for the 1000 Word Challenge, which got a place in the final!
18.06.16 Lift: Our Story – lift-themed story for the 1000 Word Challenge


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